In-between Time

I can’t imagine what it’s like writing everyday. I’m giving it a shot because I’ve learned to pay attention to what people who have gone before me tell me. I don’t expect you to read this. Unless, of course, you are me and then that would just complicate my life so let’s not go there. I can’t imagine anyone interested enough in what I think, let alone anything that I could put into black and white, nouns and verbs. But then people are full of surprises.

So here I am, on day one which isn’t really the day one I had envisioned. My plan was to start on Pentecost, but I found myself restless, irritable, and discontented this evening and searching for a blog outlet.  A week early and slightly depressed. Waiting for the Holy Spirit to show up and do her part. Of course, I had planned on writing everyday when I turned 50 which is a mere 20 months past. And then I was going to start on New Year’s Day, then Ash Wednesday (for my Lenten discipline), then Easter…well, you see the pattern. I have great plans or as the Lyle Lovett song goes, “She wasn’t good but she had good intentions.” Maybe what I need is a non-day. An in-between time. So here I am, writing about nothing on a nothing day. But you know what? I’ve done it. Yup, I’ve started my daily blog. Let’s hope I can keep it up.

But what about these tags? It’s not that I’m a chicken, but if these tags go out and people click and read…they might respond. And my tags are mostly religious in nature and that stirs up so much hatred in people. I’m pretty outspoken in my church, but hiding behind a screen allows vicious comments to ooze out of people. I read articles that interest me but when I read the comments I just shake my head in amazement at the meanness. So? Do I add the tags suggested by wordpress? I might as well since this is just for me to get started and surely nobody will read THIS drivel so I’m safe.




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