Oh Monday

Someday I might learn to just go ahead and get up in the middle of the night when my brain won’t let me sleep. But for the last 51 years, I lay there thinking that surely I will soon be asleep and if I get up I’ll blow it. And, crazy person that I am, I think the results will be different even though I’ve done the same thing again and again.

Last night was no exception. Sometime before 3am I woke up disappointed with folks in my church who label themselves Christian. Two incidents in particular really ticked me off and I haven’t come to terms with them yet. It took me years to get back to the place where I could comfortably refer to myself as a Christian; mainly because I focused on the people of the institutional church instead of Christ. Sigh. I guess I still do that. Peeps don’t fail me now! But they do. And I’m sure that I fail others. Like today when I should be working but can’t focus and don’t seem to care. Blah.

On the other hand…this is my second day in a row to write…go me, go me, go me [happy dancing]!


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