Well Stuff My Head

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I’m writing only to fulfill the obligation I made to myself, that being that I would write everyday no matter what. If you’ve read any of this at all (and I’m guessing you’ve not because it is sheer drivel) then you know that I lost my Muse and have nothing to say that soothes me. But I like to think I am a woman of my word and so here I type even though I feel a head cold coming on, hence today’s title.

The best thing that happened today was coming across a very entertaining blog of which I hope to figure how to post here so that if you accidentally wound up here, you can go there. http://emberdays.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-which-postulant-completely-loses.html is the address, but I don’t know yet how to embed it. (UPDATE 6.10.11 I think I managed to get it linked. Inch by inch…)

I found it as I was searching for the dates for Ember Days on the Episcopal calendar. I did eventually find the actual dates, but more importantly I found entertaining writing. Now if only I could figure out how to link…it’ll happen, just like grace.


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