Could you give me direction?

Attended the last class of Community of Hope, an Episcopal based 14-week training for lay pastoral caregivers, then there was some nice retreat time with a meditation on the Sabbath. We started the retreat listening to Barbara Brown Taylor and I couldn’t help wondering when the last time she heard those words, but that is between her and her Higher Power.  As Kitty likes to say, “I ain’t judgin’, I’m just sayin’.”

After the retreat I spoke with a woman about spiritual direction. I’ve had a lovely lady deacon as my spiritual director, but she lives part-time out-of-state and I am at a point in my life where I want someone I can see on a regular basis. So I asked Jane and we will begin as soon as she sends me an email. Yea! She seems just what I need: positively focused, Spirit led, and willing to challenge me with reading, journaling, and questions. Plus, she lives about half an hour away!

Now my question is, can I make this blog my journal? Am I willing to be as open and honest here as I am supposed to be in a journal? Is it incredibly egotistic to journal in public? Albeit with no one reading my blog, how public is it? hahahahaa!

As I am told on various occasions, more will be revealed!


2 thoughts on “Could you give me direction?

  1. I have made my blog my journal…it’s ok. I am reading yours from beginning to end. I had a spiritual director for awhile. I decided that we should be friends so the spiritual direction relationship came to an end. I have a priest friend who I talk to once in awhile. I’m feeling quite healthy in all of my realms of being so the need for spiritual direction is not as pressing as when I was searching for answers for all of my questions…faith, physical health, mental health. Mindfulness, meditation, centering prayer…all common themes. All have brought me back to myself and back to God in a deeper sense.
    Why did you stop writing in December? Thanks for leaving a reply on my blog.

    • Hi Shelly,
      I now write over at which is why this one “ended” in December. I think there are posts within me that would be better suited here, but we’ll see.
      It is wonderful discovering a community of like thinkers in this blogging world. Looking forward to knowing you as we type along.

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