Walk the Talk

I say it so often you’d think it would be easy for me but speaking and acting are two different levels. I tell the women I mentor (and anybody who allows me into their space with my ideas) that this life is not a competition; that money does not equal success; that God is in charge and everything is all right already. OK, now prove it Dawn. Walk away from that full-time job that just gave you a $2,300 annual salary increase and upped your insurance allowance fifty bucks a month. I briefly saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read something like, “Security does not equal liberty.” Sister B would laugh at me, “it’s a sign! it’s a sign!”

As I write, the sun is just peeping over the mountain that lies just beyond the Watauga River at the end of the farm where we live. Crows are cawing, hopping around the paddocks in search of early morning bugs. Goldfinches, nut hatches and wrens are cheeping and chirping while the morning traffic is just beginning to crawl.

And me, well I’m just not sure which path to travel – the one I know, pays well and makes me cry every Sunday evening, or the unknown part-time? I guess for now I have one and will interview for the other on Friday so there is no reason to let it occupy my brain.

Time to meditate then off to Weight Watcher, grocery shopping, and Pittsboro for the Barbecue shindig.



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