For Adrienne (and Neil)

When a poet dies

the world curves in a slightly more angular fashion

Flags do not hang at half-mast

marching bands do not

Yet someone

not very well-known

walks a little slower

and contemplates

a heartbeat on paper


8 thoughts on “For Adrienne (and Neil)

    • Thanks, Becca. My friend Neil who works at the theater with me mourns her loss deeply and this was my response.
      On a completely different note…it was great seeing you last week!

  1. I love the line “marching bands do not”. Do not what? -Oh. Yes. Greater distance, lack of feeling- which emphasises the feeling later. “heartbeat on paper”- lovely. Thank you,

    • Thank you, Clare. Perhaps I should move the “do not” further away spatially? Or simple leave it to challenge the reader.
      This came out in a span of ten minutes after Neil came to my office letting me know of her death.
      As always, I appreciate your comments.
      Perhaps we’ll Skype again soon!

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