I love to write, but I struggle with the discipline. I set goals and rarely see them to completion. I suppose the best part is that I keep trying. Like meditation, writing is a practice and over the years I’ve schooled myself to sit for 20 minutes most mornings, so I live in hope for writing. I have a meditation partner, so maybe what I need is a writing partner. Hmmm, wonder if I could do it via email?

I’m a seeker who follows The Way of the Christ by loving all the world to the best of my ability which is better some days than others. I have a servant’s heart and find the most pleasure by helping others. Plus, it gets me out of my head which can be a dangerous place for me to travel alone.

I’m married to a lovely man I call Bill most days but occasionally Vic and we live on a horse farm in the mountains of North Carolina.  Together we have seven children: Bill’s eldest daughter and her daughter live in Oregon; Bill’s eldest son is deceased; my daughters’ half-brother is currently living with us (I claim him as my son even though his dad and I have been divorced for twenty years); Bill’s youngest son and his wife live in Denver and his sister and her husband live in Milwaukee; my eldest daughter lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters; my youngest daughter works with homeless teenagers in Austin, Texas. So, we’re a bit spread out which is good and sad.


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