The Kingdom is Now

Found on My Porch

I was singing this little Taize song, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” which is from the Gospel of Luke 23:42 and thinking about Advent because it is. And because it is Advent, most things that come into my view get processed through the lens of waiting in hope and expectation, as did the Taize verse.

It’s one of the criminals being crucified alongside Jesus who spoke those words to which Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Today. Today is the Kingdom, it’s already here, I sometimes choose living in my own little world instead of the Kingdom. And my world is so small. My world is full of doubt and worry, what ifs and regrets. The Kingdom is full of hope and joy, saturated with Love.

So during this time of Advent, when I’m looking for the Cosmic Christ, hoping to see God in each face and place I’ll try to remember to live in Today – the palace of the Kingdom.


Opening Night

Overture, curtain, lights! This is it, tonight’s the night! And oh, what night it is…on with the show this is it!
I hope you imagined Bugs Bunny when you read that, or at least some character from the cartoon because my head was singin’ as I was writin’!

This is my first night as Box Office Manager at Appalachian State University‘s Valborg Theatre and I’m rather excited.
Years have passed since any involvement on my part with the theatre, and even though this is not the side I’m most accustomed to working, it is still nice to be back. Now, of course, my mind is conniving ways to get back on stage which is tremendously tricky as I work every night the theatre is open.

But it is nice to know the bug still lurks deep within. We’ll see.

For tonight, I’ll learn the ropes from the previous manager, who is kind enough to continue guiding me as I wander into this new arena. So the show must go on and I will go right along with it.

Dinner With Betty

Had the loveliest time tonight. Myself, along with my dear friend Betty, a full seventy-nine and a half years young, together with my thirty-one years of age step-son Ryan dined al fresco in Boone, NC tonight at the Red Onion.

Awaiting our meal the conversation was casual and traveled from topic to topic, then Betty began to tell the story of Mary’s cat. Crazy Mary, as she is known privately between Betty and me, made several phone calls to Betty yesterday concerning the declining health of her cat. The story changed and with each call Betty struggled to determine what exactly was her role in Mary’s cat saga. Mary needed a ride to the vet to have her cat put down, but then another call involved Medicaid of Betty to which Betty exclaimed, “I didn’t know cats were covered under Medicaid!”

“Well, when I figured out she didn’t need me to give her a ride,” Betty continued “I took the note ‘kill Mary’s cat’ off the calendar.”

Ryan and I laughed until tears ran and other diners glanced to see what they might be missing.

“Well,” she continued, “I just couldn’t leave it up there, what if somebody saw it?”

Yes indeed, what if somebody saw Betty’s note, “Kill Mary’s cat.”

Another Day

Another tiny bit of writing. Nothing to say and all day to say it. Waiting to get my space together. My “writer‘s space” so I can sit in my “writer’s chair” during my “writer’s time” and say something worthwhile. Meanwhile, I’ll do laundry and play poker on Facebook. Excuses, one after the other come to my mind. I’ve even mopped the floor in my prevention attack. It’s fear based, and I know that, but I also need to work through it and write what dribbles out of my weak brain.

Yes please, I’d love some cheese with this whine.

Lost Habit

There was a time when my mind raced with a sharp edge. Now I struggle cutting room-temperature butter. I’d like to think it is my circumstances, that unhappiness dulls the sheen of my lifeĀ and that I have the wherewithal to create change. My purse is full of coins insuring that I can indeed do just that. But, as always, it is a matter of action. Thinking only gets me so far into my paper bag.