Opening Night

Overture, curtain, lights! This is it, tonight’s the night! And oh, what night it is…on with the show this is it!
I hope you imagined Bugs Bunny when you read that, or at least some character from the cartoon because my head was singin’ as I was writin’!

This is my first night as Box Office Manager at Appalachian State University‘s Valborg Theatre and I’m rather excited.
Years have passed since any involvement on my part with the theatre, and even though this is not the side I’m most accustomed to working, it is still nice to be back. Now, of course, my mind is conniving ways to get back on stage which is tremendously tricky as I work every night the theatre is open.

But it is nice to know the bug still lurks deep within. We’ll see.

For tonight, I’ll learn the ropes from the previous manager, who is kind enough to continue guiding me as I wander into this new arena. So the show must go on and I will go right along with it.